Preparation for COP 23 major priority in 2017 : PM

By: Sofaia Koroitanoa


screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-8-16-00-pm As we head into 2017, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has today highlighted priorities for the new year.

A major one is Fiji’s Presidency for the 23rd edition of the global climate summit known as COP 23 which is set to take place in Bonn, Germany in 2017.

In his national New Years message, Bainimarama said Fiji will use the platform to continue to press for deeper cuts in carbon emissions to reduce global warming even further.

Fiji will lobby the industrial countries which are responsible for these emissions to allocate adequate funding to enable resilience and adaptation.

“As your Prime Minister , I will be guiding the deliberations of almost 200 countries as we gather in Bonn, Germany in November to continue to seek a more decisive response on the part of the industrial nations and to set aside funds to enable developing countries such as Fiji to adapt to the changes as Fiji adapt to the changes to their way of life that have been cost through no fault of our own. In the months before that, I will be traveling the world to forge a consensus on the best way forward and we will be holding a very important pre-COP high level gathering here in Fiji in October before the main Bonn conference the following month”

In the coming months, the Prime Minister will be spending much of his time on preparing for COP 23 to make it a success.

“First of all I see it as my overriding responsibility as a leader of our nation to secure the future of the Fijian people, to protect our environment , our land and seas not only for the sake of every Fijian today but for the generations to come. Nothing is more important than this because if we cant defend ourselves against extreme weather events and the rising seas, if we can’t protect our seas and our marine resources then all of our efforts to develop our nation will be jeopardized. Everything depends on our ability to get the world to sit up  and take notice of the unprecedented threats we currently face to our way of life. We must persuade the industrial nations to pursue a more radical action to reduce their carbon emissions that are causing global warming, we must get the world to stop degrading our oceans and seas” said Bainimarama

The Prime Minister also said at the same time, he will be giving equal weight to the domestic agenda in ensuring service delivery to the Fijian people and called on Government Ministers and MP’s to redouble their efforts.


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