Rakiraki man dismantles home of 53 years


UntitledA Rakiraki man has decided to dismantle his family house of 53 years after receiving an eviction notice that expires on October 31st.

Abdul Shiraz has bought a piece of land on credit where he will build a new home and to begin a new life with his family of 4 and his aged mother.

Abdul Shiraz can only watch now as hired laborers bring down the house where is was born and bred.  Located in Wairuku, his late father was given this piece of land to build a house in 1964.  The original land owner is now deceased but those acting as administrators of his property have put this land on sale – which resulted in the eviction notice for Shiraz and four other families here.

Shiraz, a laborer himself has seen it fit to move out rather than stay here.

“I thought someone from my Muslim community will come and assist us but no one has come but me with my 4 children, mother and wife have decided to stand on own two feet after getting support from family members to build the new house,”Abdul Shiraz- Evicted.

Fiji One News had initially broadcasted a story on this family 3 weeks ago and since then those affected by the eviction have been trying to get assistance from government.

“No one from the government has come. We telephoned a number of places and all we were told this is a freehold land and we have to leave. Even if we hire a lawyer the case can drag for 15-20 years. I am alive now and build a new house and my children will live there rather than wait for the court case to finish.”

Shiraz’s mother – Nisha Begum seen here in green had seen her late husband build this house from a one bedroom back in the 60’s to 5 bedrooms – – today she sat down quietly to see it dismantled right before her eyes.

The family is using whatever money they have to buy a piece of land nearby.

What was once a family house is now being taken apart in pieces until nothing will be left here for Abdul Shiraz and his family.

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