Sky Pacific to move to Digicel Fiji from tomorrow

By: Dreu Vukailagi


SkyPacificFiji Television has today announced that from tomorrow its pay television services division, Sky Pacific will officially become part of the Digicel Fiji group.

Fiji One and the Pacific Channel will be removed from the Sky Pacific Channels line up.

All Sky Pacific subscribers will no longer be able to watch these two channels from tomorrow.

Subscribers interested in watching Fiji One will need either an Ultra High Frequencies antenna or Very High Frequencies antenna depending on their location.

The initial business sale agreement signed with Digicel last year amounted to $5.75 million dollars.

However due to several conditions of the pay TV license including no paid advertisement and no local content the final settlement figures for the sale of Sky Pacific’s asset and liabilities will be $4 million dollars.

This is subject to subscriber base, closing stock of set-up boxes as well as outstanding receivable and payables.

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