Stinson Parade and Vatuwaqa Bridges now open










After 6 years of waiting and 18 months of construction – the new Stinson Parade was opened today.

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama says that this is a huge achievement for government.

Today marks a very special day as we get to witness the opening of two re-engineered bridges in the country.

“My fellow Fijians, Fiji is one the move, we are rapidly becoming a modern and more prosperous society, eight straight years of growth for the Fijian economy has meant eight straight years of rapid and relenting progress for our nation, eight straight years of unprecedented infrastructure development and eight straight years of better opportunity for all our people especially our young Fijians,” said Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama.

The Stinson Parade Bridge and the Vatuwaqa Bridge are the bridges of development which showcase the corporation between the two Government’s.

“In many remote areas some Chinese people like Fijian friends are still facing difficulties like traffic inconvenience. However, the Chinese Government are always standing firmly together with the developed countries including Fiji, committed to offering timely assistance and sincere support without any political conditions,” said  Gu Yu – Charge D’Affaires and Interim – People’s Republic of China.

The Prime Minister adds that the opening of the two bridges today also recognises their goals so far and prepares them for greater achievements in years to come.

“Here downtown the new Stinson Parade bridge will massively free up congestion in our downtown area making the road safer for our drivers, making the entire area far more accessible for passerby’s and giving Fijians living in Lami and beyond access to our capital like never before.” 

All hardworking citizens of Suva, Lami and Nausori can celebrate a victory because they can now see and use these bridges to come to work and return home.

“In Vatuwaqa the commute home for so many of our people working in Suva and living in Nausori will now become far faster and more convenient, thanks to the new bridge. If you are a shopkeeper in downtown Suva who lives out of the city, this is victory for you because you can return home to your family more quickly after you have closed shop at the end of a busy day,” said Prime Minister – Voreqe Bainimarama.

It is the belief of both the Chinese and Fijian Government that working together in good spirit has helped them accomplish their goals to rebuild the bridge for the future in 18 months.

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