Students learn through cultural exchange

By: Silina Navuso


Screen shot 2015-08-31 at 6.26.53 PMFamilies and friends gathered at Nausori Airport earlier today to welcome their sons and daughters who were part of an educational trip to New Zealand.

The week-long “Cool Stuff for School” trip was organised by Goodman Fielder.

The students were happy to be back home safely after a memorable and adventurous week in New Zealand.

The participants leave behind new found friends.

“For me I’m really excited to be back here in Fiji especially for the cultural exchange in New Zealand and learning the Maori culture and education system there in New Zealand,” said Isikeli Navuni of Nukulau College.

Even the experience of having to leave with a new family is something Parmar will never forget.

“Staying with host families was awesome because I learnt their language and they learnt mine, so they learnt a few Fijian words and I learnt some Maori words so it was a good form of exchange. I would like to implement some of those qualities in those schools in my school and some leadership qualities which I’ve learnt from their Head Boy in my school,” said Penang Sangam High School student, Yesh Parmar.

The youngest member of the group will never forget nine new friends she made while there.

“I have learnt a bit of Maori language and also how the Maori people work together and their unity among and how they’re trying to keep their culture and language alive which is really good. I would love to thank Crest Chicken Fiji and Goodman Fielder for providing this opportunity for children to go out on this international field,” said Nehru Memorial Primary School student, Devang Rathod.

The students comprised of four students from the East, four from the West and two from up North.

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