The Fijian boy who knows how to run fast

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bans2Fijian sprinter Banuve Tabakaucoro says he isn’t tempted to switch athletics for rugby because “every Fijian boy knows how to play rugby but not every Fijian boy knows how to run fast.”

Banuve Tabakaucoro is a Fijian sprinter who competes in 100m and 200m sprints, with the 200m considered to be his strength.

Mr Tabakaucoro says that Athletics Fiji finds it difficult to retain athletes who often leave to play netball or rugby but he’s not tempted to make the switch.

“I’ve told every body back in Fiji: Every Fijian boy knows how to play rugby but not every Fijian boy knows how to run fast…I really enjoy this sport very much and it’s taken me places where rugby can never take me.”

One of the places athletics has taken him was Moscow, Russia for the 2013 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships. It was at Moscow 2013 where he came across international champions including Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin which Mr Tabakaucoro admits can be a distraction.

“I was star struck. Those are just one of the things I need to learn to get over if I want to compete at my absolute best.”

His absolute best which he hopes one day will include breaking the ten second barrier which he says would be a dream come true.

“Not many athletes around the world can say that they have gone under ten seconds so that’s something I’m hoping to do in the future. And if my training reigime goes right hopefully some time this year. ”

The 21 year old came second in the 2014 Australian Athletics Championships 100m and now hopes to represent Fiji at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in July.

He says he’s very excited that the competition ban placed on Fiji since 2009 has been lifted.

“When we walk out there you know we’ll be holding the Fiji flag and we’ll be proud and happy that we are back in the Commonwealth Games.”

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