Tikotikoca to take legal action


romanuFormer Police Chief & Fiji High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea Romanu Tikotikoca has absolutely and categorically denied the sexual allegation leveled against him as reported in the media by the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation & Fiji Sun.

The two media companies reported that Tikotikoca allegedly raped his house maid while serving as Fiji’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea in 2014.

Both FBC and the Fiji Sun reported the nature of payment carried by Tikotikoca to silence the family of the alleged victim.

The former High Commissioner today took to social media to confirm his side of the story.

Tikotikoca has decided to pursue legal action against FBC & Fiji Sun and he has announced the withdrawal of his provisional candidacy from the National Federation Party since the surfacing of the so called exclusive reports by the two media companies.

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