Two rivers contribute to Rakiraki Town flooding










The two main rivers flowing by Rakiraki Town in the Naqoro Flats contributes a lot to flooding during heavy rain.

Minister for Waterways – Mahendra Reddy says this has been the talk of the town for many years.

These two rivers directly affect the town when there’s a down-pour.

“The town is subject to two major streams, the Nakauvadra and Penang River which is the focus of attention because it is these two rivers which is contributing to flood waters in the town area. Also the problem is aggravated because these two rivers are connected out side the Naqoro Area outside the town boundary.”

Reddy responded to what plans the Ministry has in addressing the flooding faced by Rakiraki Town.

He goes on to say that because of agricultural development 30 years ago was not as intense as it is today leading to the continuous flooding.

“That’s why some people come back to say these rivers didn’t use to flood some 30 to 40 years ago why is it flooding now, because madam speaker some 30 -40 years ago that amount of sedimentation didn’t come down stream because that kind of logging activity and agricultural activities didn’t take place upstream.But now with the increased amount of logging and agricultural activity that top soil is eroded down on to the stream and fills up river stream water ways. and therefore reduces the capacity of the downstream waterway to hold water, and the downstream overflows.”

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