US Trade Rep closes petition against Fiji


US Trade OfficeThe United States Trade Representative has announced the closure of a petition against Fiji.

In December 2011, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial
Organizations had filed a petition with the U-S-T-R concerning serious labor rights violations in Fiji.

The petition was filed on behalf of Fiji Trades Union Congress in relation to the Employment Relations Promulgation of 2011.

The Fijian government had to attend a hearing in the United States against this petition.

In closing the case against Fiji, the U-S Trade Representative has noted Fiji has rescinded much of its anti-worker agenda, including de-registration of unions and obstacles to dues collection.

The U-S Trade Representative has promised it will continue to monitor the situation and urge the Fijian government to take further reforms.

The A-F-L-C-I-O says these are all positive steps

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