Valelevu community lives in fear

By: Halitesh Datt


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 5.14.07 PMA sub-urban community in Nasinu are fearing for the safety of their properties.

This after cases of their properties allegedly being set alight has emerged from the neighborhood.

The community is asking for more police patrol in the area.

It was late evening yesterday here in Railagi Road Valelevu when a 7 seater van was allegedly set alight.

Owner of the vehicle Niranjan Singh today examined the charred remains of his vehicle.

“We were just sitting at my brothers place, about 10:15pm. I heard the blast. As soon as I came out, I saw my van on fire. We couldn’t save it. We just called fire fighters but it was too late,” said Niranjan Singh- Vehicle Owner.

This inst the first vehicle to have been allegedly set alight in this area.

Residents still awaiting the investigation outcomes of the first incident.

“One person came to our place, we asked him what actions been taken place till now, he said no actions. So the vehicle is still parked there, one more has been burnt over here. We need some action to be taken regarding this,” said Sharmila Prasad- Resident.

Residents say they know live in fear.

“We cant sleep well during the night time. When dogs bark, we have to see through what is happening because we we dont know when the problem will come to us. So we are really in fear to stay here in Railagi Road,” Reshmi Lata- Resident.

Police spokesperson, Ana Naisoro told Fiji One News that this has been classified as an alleged arson case.

She says the police will determine the cause of fire to confirm whether it was intentionally set alight.

Naisoro adds all aspects of the investigation is being conducted.

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