Vasu,Kunatuba & Bhika case transferred to High Court

By: Shanal Sivan



The matter against former Commissioner of Corrections Service Ifereimi Vasu and the former Director Corporate Service for Correction Services Peniasi Kunatuba has been transferred to the High Court.

The two are charged along with former inmate Dhansukh Lal Bhikha.

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption today elected that the matter be tried at the High Court.

Vasu and Kunatuba are charged with one count of Abuse of Office , while Bhika is charged with one count of Aiding and Abetting Abuse of Office and one count of Obtaining a Financial Advantage.

The accused lawyers, were given a chance to elect the court of their of choice, the three elected the Magistrates Court.

However Magistrate Makereta Mua in her decision said she will transfer the matter to the High Court in the interest of Justice.

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