Vaturu land owners want compensation

By: Stella Taoi


screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-5-05-42-pmFor over 40 years, landowners have generously given their land freely to government, where the Vaturu Dam now sits.

The land belongs to 500 members of the Mataqali Navuke, Mataqali Nasalaulu, Mataqali Naivua and the Mataqali Nalotawa.

Last year, a petition was presented to Parliament by the Opposition on concerns raised by the Vaturu Dam landowners.

This was later transferred to the Standing Committee on Natural Resources – but since then, landowners claim their plea for appropriate compensation has not been taken seriously.

Landowners claim they have not received any assistance from the Native Land Commission.

The Itaukei Land Trust Board had earlier stated that government should buy-out the portion of land where the Vaturu Dam has been built.

For landowners, it’s really about compensation for their land, in which the title has also been changed without their consent.

Minister for Lands Faiyaz Koya told Fiji One News certain facts of this case is not correct.

He adds that government is aware of the situation with the landowners.

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