Water Authority temporarily close office

By: Dreu Vukailagi


WAFThe Water Authority of Fiji head office in 4 miles is temporarily closed.

A survey team from the Department of Mineral Resources and the Manohan building Chief Engineer are separately compiling their findings, which are expected to be released on Tuesday, and will determine the safety of the building.

The Manohan building is headquarters to Water Authority of Fiji and its 400 staff.

Staff were evacuated last Wednesday afternoon after they experienced several tremors that shook the building.

They are not expected to return unless they are told that it is “absolutely safe”.

WAF CEO, Opetaia Ravai, said that in dealing with the temporary closure, measures are now being taken to ensure customer services can continue.

For instance, the WAF Call Centre has been temporarily shut down but is expected to resume receiving customer complaints and requests from tomorrow and it will be operating out of WAF offices in Wailoku.

Additionally, WAF is presently looking for a Customer Service Centre in the heart of Suva and will announce the new location after it is finalised.

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