“We are not above the law and this uniform does not give you absolute power” – Qiliho


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Nasova was today filled with excitement and a sense of belonging as they welcomed the newest members of the Fiji Police Force family.

They were being reminded that they are no different from an officer who has served 10 to 20 years.

“Our work is measured by the people we serve and with all the support and resources provided by the Government of the day, there is no room for excuses when we fail to provide the service of protecting life and property.”

“At times we have been crucified by the media and social media about how some of us have conducted their work.

“I often wonder why there seems to be a constant target on our back, but then I have come to realize that while some complaints stem from personal agendas, others are genuine and resulted in the wrong application of processes and procedures which you have spent the last 6 months learning.”

“Negligence or laxity on the part of an officer not applying these processes is something I will NOT accept,” said Commissioner of Police – Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho.

Qiliho stressed that Humility is a fundamental asset to become a trusted, loyal and most importantly an honest Police Officer.

“It is unfortunate that a handful have lost sight of what this uniform represents. Just as we expect others to follow the law, we must also do the same!”

“WE are not above the law and this uniform does not give you absolute power!”

“Don’t think that anyone is indispensable in this institution.

If 20 of you leave, I can guarantee that another 100 will be putting up their hands for a chance to join the Fiji Police Force.”

“Officers, I can see so much potential in all of you! You are joining an institution that will open up a lot of doors that will advance both your professional and personal life.”

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