Why is QVS closed? NFP demands answers

By: Shanal Sivan


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 4.04.02 PMThe National Federation Party is demanding answers from the Education Ministry as to why Queen Victoria School will be closed for another two weeks.

NFP leader Dr Biman Prasad says Fijians were promised by the Education Minister that schools will be ready before the new school year, however this has not happened.

“We are told and the Minster himself admits that the work done by the Indonesians were shoddy  and that they need additional help and we saw the other day the Prime Minister scolding the Minister for Education in public telling him to go and fix the kitchen, these are all serious issues, QVS has a history in this country, we were promised by the Minister that the school be ready in time for school in 2017 but what we see is just cover ups.” said Dr Biman Prasad.

Education Minister Dr. Reddy admits there were structural issues with the buildings and engineers have been engaged to look into the matter.

The Minister also says there was a shortage of beddings in the dormitories and the Ministry will sort out all these issues within the next two weeks.

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