Winston destruction bill exceeds $400 million

By: Ravai Vafo'ou


12670604_10209080129389118_8559991831399170628_nThe estimated cost of damage caused by Cyclone Winston now stands at $476.3 million.

The Fiji Roads Authority top the list with a current estimated damage cost of $135 million.

The agriculture sector excluding the sugar industry is second with a $120.2 million tag.

The sugar and education sectors have estimated damage pegged at $80 million and $50.2 million respectively.

18,154 homes and buildings were damaged by Cyclone Winston.

The National Disaster Management Office says the priority now is to rebuild schools.

“The buildings that are being repaired are mostly schools and hospital facilities. But the focus now is to get all the schools up and running so that we have the children back in the schools. When it comes to rehab after 30 days then we can discuss further about what other buildings and structures are being repaired,” said NDMO Director, Akapusi Tuifagalele.

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