Witness saw Colanaudolu going to the beach at night

By: Filipe Naikaso


Screen shot 2017-05-16 at 4.51.56 PMTwo witnesses in the trial of former Security Officer Josua Colanaudolu have stated they saw the accused going towards the beach on the night a 14 year old girl was murdered in Deuba.

Mereia Kula who took the stand this morning stated that she had seen a person crossing the Queens Highway to go to the beach, carrying something.

This was on the 13th of March 2016, the day a 14 year old girl was allegedly raped and murdered in Deuba.

Kula had stated in court that she was returning from a church service, which ended at 10pm when she saw this person.

She told the court that the back light from a vehicle that passed by, helped her to notice that the person was carrying something.

Kula told the court however due to the distance, it looked like the person was carrying a piece of timber.

The assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Lee Burney then asked Kula, if this particular person was a man or a woman – to which she replied, “It was a man”.

Meanwhile another witness, 21-year-old Josivini Maraia told the court that she saw the accused jump over the fence from the beachside also that night.

Maraia said she saw him while she was going to the canteen along the Queen’s Highway.

The 21 year old also confirmed in court that Colanaudolu is her uncle.

Maraia also stated that when she went past her aunt’s house later that night, she saw Colanaudolu coming out of the bathroom.

She told the court that Colanaudolu who was fanning himself with a t-shirt also called her.

Maraia said she didn’t say anything to him.

Maraia told the court that when she went back to her house, her aunt was looking for her 14-year-old daughter.

Josua Colanaudolu is facing one count of murder, 6 counts of rape, 4 counts of abduction, and one count of indecently annoying a female.

The trial will continue tomorrow.

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